I declare that this authorization was requested and made present before handing over my data and that I sign it freely and voluntarily once it has been read in its entirety and by signing this form I authorize AGUA BENDITA SAS, the companies in which have participation, with which they merge or integrate whatever the legal form and those that are created as a result of a split, so that: they collect, store, use, exchange, update and process my personal data and in general all the data for my supplied, as well as regarding the information that is subsequently requested, which will be used for: The development of contractual, commercial, labor or other relationships that you have with AGUA BENDITA SAS, Manage procedures (requests, queries, complaints, claims ), Carry out communication of advertising campaigns and marketing of its products and services and of its commercial allies, notifications of activities, promotion es, offers and launches; Updating of data, reporting of commercial or financial information, preparation of reports, business plans, and the like, scheduling meetings, loyalty programs, sending: invitations to events, samples, gifts, catalogs and publications related to products and services provided by those authorized here, Share with those in charge of the treatment who collaborate with the Company and who, in order to fulfill their functions, must access the information to some extent, as well as for the purposes and with the scope indicated in the treatment policy indicated on the website I understand that sensitive data are those that affect my privacy or whose improper use may generate discrimination. I declare that I was informed that, in the event of the collection of my sensitive information, I have the right to answer or not the questions posed to me and to deliver or not the requested data. I declare that I have been informed that I may exercise the right to know, update, rectify and delete my personal data. I have also been informed that my rights as the owner, in addition to those indicated, are the following: a) Consult the data being processed. b) Update and rectify the data. c) Request proof of the authorization given. d) File complaints with the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC). e) Revoke the authorization and / or request deletion of the data, unless there is a legal or contractual duty. f) Refrain from answering questions about sensitive data. These rights may be exercised through the channels or means provided by AGUA BENDITA SAS for customer service, by phone +57 313 8007604, email and at the offices at Cra. 37ª No. 2Sur - 101 of the city of Medellín, channels are available to attend to requirements related to the processing of my personal data and the exercise of the rights mentioned in this authorization

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