We believe in the power of hands hold to create and transform. Our team is constantly exploring and investigating new painting and illustration techniques to shape unique pieces of art which come to life in each-and-every AB piece. Our artisans, stay-home moms, hold a massive role inside our creative team, being in charge of bringing to life our products with embroidered details and increasing their value through the fine dedication they place into each one of them. #ABhearts affirm Agua Bendita’s solid commitment to the women who have made this company possible.

One of our main goals is to improve our artisans and their families living conditions. For this reason, we dedicate our work to recognizing their capacities, abilities, and talent in all our collections and will continue doing so.

This is a tribute to more than 500 female artisans from rural communities on the outskirts of Medellin, Antioquia, who handcraft and embroider our garments.

Agua Bendita pays tribute to the ancestral techniques with which the hands of our artisans transform our pieces into works of art. We remember who we are and what unites us between stitch and stitch.

Masterpieces have been illustrated and handcrafted by the hands of Colombian artisans since 2003.